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  • Here are some important things I'd like new or prospective clients to know
    My Passion for Travel: My journey in the travel industry stems from a deep love for exploration and connecting people with incredible experiences. I'm all about making life unforgettable. Client-Centric Approach: Your happiness matters to me. I genuinely care about your travel experience and am committed to ensuring it's fantastic. Your Best Interests: Your travel goals, safety, and budget are always at the forefront of my mind. Your journey is my priority. Supporting Small Businesses: Radiant Blue Travel is an solo-entrepreneurial venture and supporting me means supporting a woman-owned small business. Dedication and Sacrifice: Behind the scenes, I work tirelessly and make personal sacrifices to excel in this field and deliver exceptional service. Managing Expectations: Sometimes, expectations need a reality check. I'm here to educate you and help you make informed decisions. Realistic Travel Costs: Just like everyday expenses, travel costs are subject to inflation. Expectations should align with the reality of current pricing trends. Airfare Dynamics: Airfare rates can change rapidly, influencing your overall trip cost. Your airfare is a crucial component to consider. Rate Lock-In: Once I offer you a rate, paying a deposit secures it. Rates might not come back if not locked in, and I can't negotiate with airlines. Earning a Living: My compensation is tied to successful trips, which can mean waiting months for payment. Professional planning fees help me sustain our livelihoods. Value of Partnership: Partnering with me provides tremendous value – from personalized service to the freedom of stress-free vacation planning. Your support means the world to me!
  • Will you be able to arrange my flights
    Starting January 30, 2023, I'll exclusively handle airfare reservations when bundled with accommodations through a trusted professional vendor. Standalone flights are no longer within my scope, and this responsibility now rests with my clients. The rationale behind this decision lies in the considerable variation in airfare rates and the intricate personal preferences involved in choosing flights and seats, demanding careful attention and determination from the client. With my guidance, the process of booking and managing your flights becomes significantly smoother. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out—I'm here to ensure your travel experience is as seamless as possible.
  • What are the advantages of using a travel designer instead of an online booking system?
    Opting for a travel designer offers you a personalized and dependable service, backed by a trusted professional. Choose a travel designer if: You value tailored experiences crafted by an expert you can rely on. Time is a precious resource, and you lack it to thoroughly research and select ideal accommodations. Planning isn't your strong suit, but you relish the joy of vacationing. You're uncertain about the credibility of online booking platforms. You find satisfaction in supporting women-owned small businesses. I'm here to provide you with a seamless journey, uniquely designed to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Do I need to exclusively work with a travel professional, or can I collaborate with multiple professionals simultaneously?
    While I'm delighted to be your go-to travel professional, there's no obligation for a lifelong commitment. However, during the period I'm assisting you with a particular trip, I kindly request that you refrain from engaging with other professionals outside of Radiant Blue Travel. This guideline is essential due to the interconnected nature of the travel professional community. If it comes to my attention that you're simultaneously working with another travel professional for the same trip, I reserve the right to conclude my client agreement. Please note that this action would result in forfeiture of any payments made for professional services. This policy helps me maintain the integrity of our partnerships and deliver unparalleled service to you.
  • Do I need Travel Insurance? Absolutely.
    If safeguarding your investment and financial peace of mind matters to you, then having travel insurance is essential. It's a protective shield that can cover a wide range of situations, including medical care abroad and unforeseen disruptions like missed connections or unexpected events before your departure, such as a hurricane affecting your destination. Travel insurance is your safety net against unexpected financial setbacks while traveling. It's important to note that your U.S.-based medical/health plan doesn't apply overseas. To ensure comprehensive coverage, it's best to secure your travel insurance early in the planning phase. This ensures that pre-existing and pre-departure requirements are met and can be included in your policy. Don't leave your travel experience to chance – let travel insurance provide you with the security you deserve.
  • What if I prefer planning my own trips?
    It's wonderful that you enjoy planning your own journeys! I fully support your enthusiasm for crafting your travel experiences. Should you ever require assistance in areas where time or resources are limited, remember that I'm here to lend a helping hand. Even if you relish the logistics, research, and planning aspects, you can still leverage my expertise for certain aspects such as accommodations, travel insurance, car rentals, and a plethora of tours, attractions, and activities. This way, you retain your role as the architect of your vacation, while benefitting from my specialized support to enhance your travel venture. Your satisfaction remains at the forefront of my mission.
  • Do I need to pay an additional fee for working with you? How are you paid?
    I specialize in crafting incredible travel experiences, designed just for you. When you choose to invest in my services, you're not only supporting my business but also helping me provide for my family – it's like a team effort that makes everything possible! I'm here to serve those who truly value my time and expertise, not just for those seeking quick quotes or looking for a deal. My commitment is to create meaningful journeys for those who genuinely invest in my services, understanding the dedication I put into curating exceptional experiences. While it might take a few months after your trip for me to be compensated, this illustrates the depth of my dedication to ensuring you receive top-notch service. Your happiness is my priority, and I'm thrilled to bring your travel dreams to life through our collaboration. By investing upfront, it enables me to concentrate fully on making your journey extraordinary. This approach guarantees my undivided attention, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable adventure.
  • Do you offer price matching or price monitoring for my package?
    My commitment lies in delivering exceptional service and connecting my clients with high-quality options when crafting proposals. I always strive to ensure you receive optimal value for your investment of time and money. While I don't typically engage in continuous rate monitoring once a deposit is made and the booking is confirmed, my suggestion is to secure your booking as soon as possible. This ensures you secure the best value within your budget and can choose from the top options. It's important to note that pricing from suppliers can be unpredictable, and my extensive research and vetting processes precede presenting you with the finest and most suitable choices for your price range. Requests for new research on an already booked trip (with a deposit) may be subject to change fees linked to cancellations and modifications from the original arrangement. I am here to guide you toward making the most informed decisions for your travel plans.
  • Do I need to provide my travel professional with a copy of my ID or Passport during this process?
    Absolutely! At Radiant Blue Travel, we place great importance on accuracy in all our dealings with suppliers, especially when making reservations under your name. Sharing your travel ID allows us to not only catch potential expiration date issues but also guide you through the renewal process, ensuring a smooth travel experience. Our aim is to establish precise details from the outset to avoid any last-minute modifications that suppliers might charge for, ultimately safeguarding your travel plans and budget.
  • Do you coordinate vacations to Disney or other theme parks?
    At Radiant Blue Travel, my focus does not encompass planning theme park or Disney vacations. However, I maintain strong partnerships with dedicated specialists who excel in crafting these types of getaways. For such journeys, I gladly refer you to these trusted experts who share my commitment to exceptional vacation planning. Your satisfaction remains my top priority, even if your adventure takes you to different magical realms.
  • What types of clients do you work with?
    I collaborate with individuals who deeply value professional expertise and seek to enhance their travel experiences beyond what online booking platforms can provide. My clients hold great appreciation for thoughtfully curated recommendations and trust in our carefully vetted selections. Usually, my clients are busy professionals with a yearning for exploration, yet limited time or energy to navigate the complexities of destination research and the travel industry landscape. By entrusting me, they tap into my knowledge to find ideal destinations, accommodations, and tours for unforgettable journeys, all while sidestepping the hassles of planning. Recognizing that my service goes beyond the offerings of platforms like Expedia or Costco, my clients embrace a personalized approach that turns ordinary trips into extraordinary adventures.
  • Where did your business name come from?
    The name Radiant Blue Travel was inspired by a harmonious blend of elements close to my heart. With the last name Ray, I cherish the sun's radiant glow as it dances upon the tranquil waters of the oceans. The color blue holds a special place, symbolizing my love for the vast sea and the skies above. Radiant Blue Travel encapsulates the essence of my favorite destinations – the sun-kissed shores, the soothing sands, and the azure sea. This name embodies the warmth and radiance felt while journeying across the ocean, capturing the magic of travel in every shade of blue. I aspire for my clients to experience the same radiance in their vacations, creating cherished memories that shine bright.
  • What types of vacations do you specialize in planning?
    My expertise lies in crafting vacations tailored to adult travelers. I have a particular fondness for curating unforgettable trips for women travelers. Additionally, I take immense pleasure in immersing individuals in the rich cultures and enchanting locales of Mexico and the Caribbean. If you're unsure whether your desired trip falls within our realm my expertise, don't hesitate to get in touch! Your unique adventure is important to me, and we're here to explore all possibilities together.
  • When is the optimal moment to initiate a conversation with you?
    In all honesty, it's wise to reach out sooner rather than later if you're considering a trip to a particular destination. The process of trip planning entails numerous intricate details. I highly value having ample time to provide you with the exceptional level of service that we continuously aim to deliver. By starting the conversation early, I can ensure that your travel experience is meticulously crafted and flawlessly executed. Your satisfaction and seamless journey are my utmost priorities.
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