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5 Things Travel Advisors Know About Travel: Balancing Time, Money, and Risks

What constitutes an expert? An expert is someone who has mastered their craft and has extensive knowledge on a particular topic, usually knowledge that extends well beyond public understanding. Travel has become such a complex beast, that it requires expertise on multiple levels. This is where travel advisors (agents) come in. Advisors have taken the time and effort to master their trade, even while the information is ever-changing. There are many things beyond public knowledge that are necessary to know, which means that travel advisors know things that you aren’t even aware you need to know about travel.

Here are five things that advisors are well-versed in and ready to assist you with when it comes to all things travel.

#1: Time versus Money

There is a delicate balance that should be met between time and money. It is easy to spend (dare we say waste) too much time researching and planning travel on your own. When it comes to money, the same is true ... it’s easy to spend more money than is necessary because you aren’t even aware of where or how to spend it. When you invest in the work of an advisor, you’ll gain back precious time, and they will be able to get you the most bang for your buck.

#2: Risk versus Reward

This is a dangerous balance! Some things are simply not worth the risk, so why even chance it? Travelers love the idea of getting great rewards when traveling (like saving money on air tickets, but at the cost of canceled flights, missing layovers, and too many other risks). Travel experts know when and how to take the appropriate action, always balancing risk and reward to get you the best experience possible.

#3: DIY versus VIP

Then there’s the do-it-yourselfers. No one is questioning their ability to create a cool trip or stick to a budget, but at what cost? Advisors can often secure extra benefits, even things like VIP status for their clients, all while creating a cool trip and sticking to the budget. It’s all about who you know! (You know a great travel advisor!)

#4: Suggestions versus Requirements

This is a tough lesson that we hope you never have to learn. Perhaps a friend or an internet search told you certain paperwork or testing is a suggestion… but what happens when it turns out to be a requirement? Part of the job of a travel advisor is to know the difference between the two as it applies to your trip! Don’t guess, be certain.

#5: High Season versus Low Season

Do you know when the best time is to visit your next destination? Your travel advisor does. Certain times of the year may have a lower cost, but at the expense of terrible weather or big crowds. Or the opposite could be true: popular dates with nice weather and lower crowds could have a higher price tag. How are you supposed to know what dates to choose? You don’t have to! Instead, rely on your advisors’ expert destination knowledge to strike the perfect balance and find you the best time to visit.

All in all, there is simply too much to consider and too much information to know. It’s okay, trust us! We’re here to make sense of it all, then translate it into your perfect vacation experience.


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