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Planning & Design Prices

 My goal is to save you time, offer peace of mind, and ensure a smooth trip from beginning to end. My planning fees are determined by the complexity of the trip, taking into account factors such as the number of legs, travelers, nights, and proximity to departure. I do not engage in the practice of providing quotes to individuals who have not made an investment in their travel planning. My services are reserved only for paying clients.

Your investment starts at $247 per household

First Class Package

Your Investment covers the following;

Thoughtful Research & Design
Uncover curated experiences as I meticulously research and design a trip that aligns with your desires.


Comprehensive Trip Management
Relax as I take charge of managing all trip elements, giving you the luxury of time without compromising on the details.

Document Convenience
Travel with ease with documents and vouchers neatly prepared and provided, ensuring a smooth journey from start to finish.

Your Unique Electronic Itinerary
Stay connected with a personalized electronic itinerary, offering real-time updates and offline access for your convenience.

Stress-Free Travels
Enjoy a worry-free journey, where every detail is meticulously handled, leaving you to savor the moments without any stress.

Please note, my services are non-refundable in the event of cancellation or postponement.

A La Carte

Elevate your travel experience!

Wanderlust Coaching / Consulting Service

Most ideal for travel enthusiasts who savor the DIY planning process but need a little professional guidance. 

Minimum Travel Investment starting from $157 per hour

Designing unique experiences with a travel agency near you
Vacation Trip Itinerary included for every trip
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