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Europe Travel Authorization 2024: Visa-Free Visitors' Guide to Easy Approval

Starting in January 2024, all visitors to Europe who can currently travel to Europe visa-free — including travelers from America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand — will need to apply for travel authorization and receive approval prior to travel.

Thankfully, the process is easier than your standard visa! 🎉

➡️ It’s a quick online application, and approval will be sent through email, usually within an hour, but in some cases, it could take up to 96 hours.

➡️ Once approved, the authorization is valid for all countries within the EU. You can make multiple entries for a 3-year period or until your passport expires.

➡️ The application will cost €7.

➡️ The amount of time Americans and Canadians can spend in Europe is unchanged — it’s still up to 90 days without needing a special visa.

When I work with you as a travel client, this is just one of the things I'll take into consideration in preparation for your travels to make things smooth for you.

Any questions? Visit this website for more information:



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