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Are you ready?

Imagine trips planned just for you, where you can have all the fun without planning stress.

Enjoy luxe travel experiences without any worries or stress, savoring each moment of your carefully planned and thoughtfully created adventure.

I'm Harmony, a travel design expert, specializing in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Western Europe.

With a lifelong passion for travel, I'm dedicated to your experience!

Dreaming and planning a trip can be an absolute blast! But let me tell you, not everyone has the capacity to delve deep into planning and researching a personalized vacation!

It's no fun when you're swamped with so many options that committing and booking become a headache, and you're simply time starved!  It's definitely not a joy when you're juggling a million things, and the thought of sorting through a dozen open browser tabs to find that perfect resort or choose the right tours makes you want to run for the hills.

That's where my personalized travel  services comes in. I take away all that guesswork and turn planning into a walk in the park. You can just lean back and relax while I do the heavy lifting – planning, coordinating, and booking everything in your name.

All that's left for you?

Pack your bags and head out for an exceptional travel experience!


Ever thought about handing over your entire to-do list to someone else?

I hear ya!

Hire me to extend a helping hand with those tasks piling up on your never-ending travel to-do list:

  • I specialize in uncovering the perfect resort and, inviting hotel tailored just for you.

  • I meticulously craft your extraordinary itinerary, ensuring every detail aligns perfectly with your desires.

  • Navigating the intricate maze of bookings and seamlessly coordinating every aspect of your trip is my expertise.

  • Those bothersome phone calls and enduring long holds? Leave it to me to handle those hassles, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your journey.

  • As for the daunting sea of reference codes and confirmations, worry not – I have that well in hand too.

  • Consider your worries lifted, your tasks simplified, and your travel experiences elevated. Let's embark on this adventure together.

Indulging in Luxury Elegance by the Poolside at Radiant Blue Destinations

What's in it For You?

I handle everything – research, itinerary, flights*, hotels, tours, and reservations – so you can simply enjoy the moment and make the most of your travel adventures. 

Discover My Approach to help you decide if I am the the right travel designer for you!

How it Works


Let's Chat

Let's chat about the details of your trip! Send me a design request, and you'll be invited to set up a call so I can get to know you, your travel style, preferences, and the type of trip you're looking to take.


Plan & Design

I start researching and curating your travel itinerary based on your unique travel needs and preferences. I also make adjustments as needed, so your trip checks off all the right boxes!


Book the Details

I take care of all the details, big and small, like booking your flights*, transfers, accommodations, and activities. I am just a call or email away if you have any questions about your trip, and I will confirm your final itinerary once all components are booked!

Luxurious Pool

More time for coffee. 
Way less stress.
All the fun and no chaos.

These are just a few of the perks when you hand over your travel dreams to a travel designer to curate your travel experiences!

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