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How much do you value your travel experiences?

What does value mean to you? Chances are, it means something entirely different to you than it does to the next person. The value of something goes far beyond a budget; it describes the worth of something, or the measure of how important something is to someone. And though everyone has a different perception of what they hold valuable, we can all agree that experiences are incredibly valuable. Travel advisors strive to become invaluable to you by placing the value of your experience above anything else! Advisors also strive to get you the most value out of your travel experiences.

Here are four ways advisors can add immense value to your travel experiences.

The first piece of value advisors provide is their ability to know about non-Googleable experiences. This day and age, it is so easy to jump on social media and ask for opinions. Think about it getting opinions from complete strangers really the best way to gather information for your trip? What worked for one person may not be the best thing for you. In comparison, advisors strive to get to know you and your travel style, so they can make expert suggestions and recommendations for your specific trip. They strive to create unique experiences custom to you, not to recreate someone else’s experience.

Next, advisors have access to non-public websites and resources that offer information beyond public knowledge. That means they can potentially create better scenarios that are from a totally different perspective than what is common knowledge. Here’s an example: You find cheap flights on one of those online booking engines. However, it’s a second-rate airline, and non-refundable tickets. More than likely, this will lead to your flight getting delayed, missed connections, or even bags getting lost en route. That experience is unfortunately all too common. Think of all that time and money wasted, not to mention the added stress and chaos from it all! Now let’s compare that scenario to working with an advisor: your advisor researches and finds you flights that include a first-rate airline, refundable tickets, and they

were also able to book you with the appropriate layover length, so that you make it to your connection and then efficiently to your destination. We can all agree that is much better! Part of an advisor’s job is to expect, prepare for, or just straight-up divert around the unexpected because they consider things from all angles, even things you may not realize need to be considered. Working with an advisor can help you avoid costly mistakes.

What about your budget? More than a third of travelers admitted to going significantly over budget on their last vacation. Advisors have enough wherewithal to know what things you can expect and prepare for within your respective budget. Your advisor may even suggest reallocating your budget to accommodate things you have not yet considered, things like travel insurance, gratuities, and exchange rates. The goal is not to spend your money, but to budget it appropriately so you get the most value out of it and avoid as many unexpected expenses as possible.

The last, and perhaps the most valuable thing advisors provide to clients: peace of mind. It would be impossible to place a dollar amount on peace of mind!

To travel with full confidence, knowing you have an advocate, an ally, and someone who truly cares for your happiness and well-being paves the way for incredible opportunities to flourish. Travel is about so much more than just going somewhere.

It’s about the journey and experiences that are gained through every opportunity to travel. When you work with a travel advisor, you gain incredible value that only emphasizes your overall travel experience.

We are ready to help you elevate your travels! Reach out to us to begin the planning process. Be sure to read the previously posted blog entry on setting your travel budget here. This is a Great foundation to begin your travel planning.



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